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I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.
-Vincent Van Gogh-


Pastel artist, Hannah Beck, holds a Masters Degree in Art Education with a concentration in Art Therapy. Following a rewarding teaching career, Hannah pursued her dream of becoming a working artist, choosing pastel as the medium to best express herself.

Each pastel painting begins with a thought provoking composition from a unique perspective. After the concept and structure of the painting is developed, through thumbnail sketches, color studies and underpaintings, pastel pigment is layered, stroke-by-stroke, planting the mood for each painting with bold and subtle color variations. Textural elements are woven together creating a realistic quality to the life and connection of each painting. The vibrancy of pastels and the direct sensory connection to the surface, drive compositions that portray tranquil yet dramatic environments.

Expressing life experiences through art is the focus. My goal is to evoke sensual experiences, such as a feeling of happiness on a sunny day, a fond memory of a special place, the smell of fall, or the touch of cool shade on a hot summer’s day. To connect with the viewer, by seeing, feeling and experiencing the world we inhabit, is my ultimate satisfaction.



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